Nama : Karima Afifah
Npm : 23210833
kelas : 3EB15


One day, one of our daughters cry. My husband squelched by saying: "Ein Indianer kennt kein Schmerz …" (ed: an Indian tribe does not know the pain).
Of course every human being has limitations in experience pain, just a cultural difference taboo Indian tribes to show it, you know. This discipline has been there since they were little, so that when the pain becomes dead adults.
Thus in Germany, gold sentence was always out of the mouths of parents for generations to their children. Native American tribes that became a favorite of many young children here. No wonder the festival in the city or the school they always provide an arena for people to wear traditional Indian clothes. Dreamed for a moment into the Indian tribes imitation gallant and brave.
Because of the attachment of this upbringing, my husband's first name our third son by the name of the Indians with the same expectations; them to be brave boy. A name is the prayer of parents for their children, then it's up landing the parents, the community and the influence of his destiny. That is also why the films are related to Indian tribes and various stories about him often we look together.

Commentar : I think the indian brave and strong, but it all depends on how the way we educate people to be brave. name but does not affect the nature of which we ourselves decide …
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