Nama : Karima Afifah
Npm : 23210833
Kelas : 3EB15

Greek Folklore

Two people walking together in a nomadic way, and one of these wanderers find a bag full of money containing.

“How lucky I am!” He said, “I have found a bag containing money. Considering the severity of, I think the bag is definitely full of gold coins. ”

“Do not say ‘I have found a bag of money’,” said his friend. “You better say ‘WE have found a bag of money’. Nomads always sharing with other nomads, both in hard and happy. ”

“No, no,” said the wanderer who found the money, angrily. “I found it and I’ll keep it to myself.”

At that time they hear whoop whoop behind them “Stop, thief!” And when they looked back, they saw a group of people who look angry and carrying wooden clubs and batons, running towards them.

Wanderer who found the money had to be scared straight.

“Woe to us if they saw this purse is on us,” he said with fear.

“No, no,” answered the wanderer, “you do not say ‘WE’ when finding a bag of money, now keep using the word ‘I’, you should say ‘woe I'”.

And a bunch of angry people was immediately caught the wanderer who found the money.


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