Teen 14 years this became the youngest CEO in the world

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Teen 14 years this became the youngest CEO in the world
At his age when teens spend time playing Facebook or gossiping about boys, Sindhuja Rajamaran 14-year-old career just as the youngest CEO and 2D animator (two-dimensional). These activities earned him the title of Guinness World Records as the youngest CEO in the world.

Sindhuja born of the family loved the cartoon world. His father was a caricature maker who first introduced Sindhuja digital caricature. Meanwhile, his brother is the writer of haiku (short poems) the youngest in India.

Sindhuja now running animation company named Seppan. Of making a short animated film by raising the issue of global warming and tuberculosis to make a greeting card design for U.S. President Barack Obama, Sindhuja sure has achieved many things. At a young age, he has mastered many computer software, such as Flash, Photoshop, Corel Painter, After Effects and Maya.

Currently, she heads the company that employees aged 18 to 25 years to create animated digital advertisements.

All advantages at this girl in the can from his father, Tamil Nadu. His father is an ambassador of CorelDRAW, image processing software, was visited by the Indian Territory Manager of Corel. At that time, he learned that Sindhuja can draw with Corel since 11 years.

“I was invited on several occasions Corel products and feel very proud as a maker of digital caricatures and cartoons youngest,” she says, as quoted by the Times of India pages.

Currently, very eager Sindhuja have my own production company and make quality films that recognized globally. He made himself as the creator of job opportunities for experts and beginners.
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