Ant & The Grasshopper

Ant and The grasshopper

During the day in late autumn, a family of ants who have worked hard over the summer to gather food, grain drying items that they have collected over the summer. It was a grasshopper is starving, with a violin in his hand came and swore that it gives little ant family meal for himself.

“What!” shouted the Ants in surprise, “do not you have gathered and prepared food for the coming winter this? During this what you do all summer?”

“I do not have time to gather food,” lamented the Grasshopper, “I was very busy making songs, and before I realized, summer has already passed.”

Ant then shrugged as feeling anxious.

“Making a song you say yes?” said the Ant, “Okay, now after you finished the song in the summer, it’s time for you to dance!” The ants then turned around and extend their job without heed to the Grasshoppers again.

There is time for work and there is time to play.

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