funny story

Funny story 😀
Grandmother & children
Grandchildren: “Grandma tell me about grandma when I was young …

Grandma: “Hmm … Yeah dehh, the first time grandma still
young, if only supermarket to bring money 10 silver, it can be
milk, sugar, instant noodles, just be a lot of groceries. ”

Grandchildren: “Wahh yaa great, if now Grandma?”

Grandma: “If now it is difficult, because it has a lot of CCTV

Going to the cinema

Ucup: it sucks repairman check karsis

Udin: why cup???

Ucup: lhaa I buy expensive tickets, with a tear in her tickkets

Udin: * /? / # Kampreeeett * #! / /

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