motivational story: stupid people with money 500

motivational story: stupid people with money 500

As a businessman he was cutting hair at the barber who lives not far from his office, they saw a little boy running around and jumping up and down in front of them.

Barber said, “That Bejo, she’s the most stupid in the world” “What I did?” Said businessman

Then call the barber Bejo, he then reached into his pocket and
bills issued Rp. 1000 and Rp. 500, then told Bejo chose, “Bejo, you may select and take one’s money, it’s up to you to select which one, come on ya!” Bejo looked into the hands of the barber where there is money Rp. 1000 and Rp. 500, then quickly moves his hand taking money Rp. 500.
Barber with a sense of right and win then turned to the businessman and said, “Do not you think I said earlier, it does Bejo stupidest boy I have ever met. There have been countless times I did a test like that before and he always took a coin whose value is the smallest. ”

After the businessmen finished cutting his hair, on the way
home he met with Bejo. Feeling curious about what he had seen before, he was summoned Bejo then asked, “Bejo, before I look at any barber offer sheet money Rp. 1000 and Rp. 500, I see why you took the money Rp. 500, why not take the Rp. 1000, its worth it 2-fold greater than Rp. 500? ”

Bejo said, “I can no longer Rp. 500 every day, because the barber always wondered why I did not take a thousand. If I take the Rp. 1000, meaning the game will be finished … ”

Many people feel smarter than everyone else, so they often underestimate others. The size of a person’s intellectual only God knows. We would be wise if you do not consider yourself smarter than everyone else.

the difference between a successful person with the lack of success is, successful people think for today and tomorrow, the less successful to this day just thinking.
Mudah2an useful … ^ _ ^

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“Anyone who gives instructions for the kindness, then for him is the reward of those who do good like that.” (Muslim)

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