tips menjawab toefl

The sentence consists of only one subject and one predicate

The characteristics of a noun: The, a, an,-ion,-ment,-ty,-ness, and usually located between the … of …

Example: Of all the cereals, rice is the one – food for more people than any of the other grain crops.

a. It provides b.That providing c. Provides d. That provides (Answer)

2. Subjects and Verb Agreement

Is -> single

Are -> plural

Single subject -> V + s / es

Single subject -> has

Subject Plural -> have

3. Parallelism

Formula: words, words (and / but / or / so) word – uniform

Example: To generate income, magazine publishers must decide wheather to increase of the subscription price or –

a. To sell advertising b. If they should sell advertising c. Selling advertising d. Sold advertising

4. One of the definite sentence tenses

5. Conjunctions in the sentence, then the sentence should be a sign in the middle of reading a comma (,)

Altought, Because, when, since


– Both men and women have their career ambitions Often Achieved by midlife, many people are afflicted by at last a temporary period of dissatisfaction and depression.

a. Because (answer) b. So c. A d. Who

6. IF form

If Present, … will …

If Past, … would … (were) -> Special

If had + V3, … would have + V3 …

Example: If it – more humid in the desert of the Soutwest, the hot temperatures would be unbearable.

a. Be b. Is c. Was d. Were (answer) fit the above formula

7. Paired conjunctions (Paired CONJUNCTION)

Both … and …

Not only … but also …

Either … or …

Neither … nor …

The same … as …

As … as …

Example: North Carolina is well known not only for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park – for the Cherokee Indian settlements

a. Also b. And c. But also (answer) according the formula d. Because of

8. Comparatives and Superlative sentences

More /-er … than -> g can wear the, but said: … the sooner, the better …

Most / the-est … in / of …

9. Nouns that can be counted and can not be counted (Noun Countable and uncountable noun)

Noun can be calculated: Many, few

Nouns can not be counted: Much, little

There is a special noun is a noun that can not be counted: money, data, information, time, homework, equipment

Noun a word “s” meaning behind it certainly can be counted, unless the news (not counted)

Example: For the investor who-money, silver, or bonds are good options.

a. Has so little b. Has very little (answer) c. Has so few d. Has very few

10. Verb pairs

Fail to

Responsible for

Afraid of

Effect … on …

Forbidden to …

Interested in …

Example: The differential attractions of the sun and the moon have a direct effect on the rising and the falling of the tides

11. Conjunctive

Who -> Predicate (V, tobe not people)

Whom -> Subject (person)

That -> Verb

Example: John Philip Sousa, Whom many people Consider the greatest composer of marches, wrote his music during the era known as the Gay 90s

12. Causative form

Principle tell people to do something

People (had / made / let / help) V1 + people

Example: I help you do your homework

13. Negative expressions

(Not / only / never / rarely) + sentence + (aux + s + v1)

14. Prepositions (Preposition)

It single, its

Plural they, them

Example: Aeronomy is the study of the earth’s upper atmosphere, whch includes it’s composition, temperature, density, and chemical reactions.

15. Pronouns (Pronoun)

(By / in / of / for) + noun / V + ing

Example: Althought it can be derived from oil, coal, and tar, kerosene is usually produced by refining it from petroleum

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