Toefl Formula

Toefl Formula

1. The word “Very” is always followed by an adjective and “very” do not want to see:

Ex: Bengkulu is wonderful (One “Bengkulu is very wonderful”)

2. The word “So” followed by an adjective (adjective).
And if there is a matter of “You’re so____that I can not wait to express my love.
So then among the top and middle-middle That must be an adjective. “You’re So patient That I can not wait to express my love.

3. Such follow nouns (noun). “You’re Such___That I can not wait to express my love.
So between Such and That should be a noun. “You’re Such A patient woman that I can not wait to express my love. A patient woma there is a noun.

4. One of always followed by ice.
Ex: Bandung is one of the big cities.

5. Another is used to explain the other, but for one of the two.
Ex: I have two brothers. The one is smart and another one is creative.

6. Other to explain that while the other is more than one.
Ex; I have three rabbits.
He is black. The other ones are white.
On the other one it plus s.

7.Because = Followed sentence.
Because of = followed by objects.
Ex: a. Because, there are too many foods, people can not remember.
b. Because of too many foods, people can not remember.

8. Said after to have V1 (first kk.)
Ex: Giving attention to someone is diffucult to do.

9. Before there should Verb3 has / have but depending sentence.
Ex: USA has imported all carpet wools.

10. If after adverbs (adverb) option requires selecting verbs (verb) then choose the V3.
Ex: He is well (caption) managered (V3).
Youare seriously (and) thought (v3) by her.

11. Having to be (be, been, am, is, are) should be followed v3. There apbila sentence after to be followed v3, it shows that the passive voice sentence.
Ex: Telephone be discovered by A G Bell

12. Somebody Everyone Nothing
Someone Everybody
Something Everything

+ The above sentences is / was, works (simple present tense), has + v3, aux (does).
Essentially they are singular.

13. Neither + nor
+ Either no

14. How to distinguish between v2 and v3
Before v3 usually there for, since.

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